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How SalesHax Helps

CROs & Sales VPs

SalesHax Solves Productivity & Performance Issues For B2B Outbound Sales Teams

  • We address the structural issues at the heart of low sales performance, understanding that motivation & training aren't fixes for poor system design.


  • We shorten buying cycles and accelerate the qualifying process by embedding ABM, including personas, ICPs, journeys, and complex scoring, throughout the sales function.

  • Monthly bundles streamline efficiency at the SDR, AE, & CSM positions, improving conversions and producing higher job satisfaction rates.

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We Accelerate The Process Of Ramping, Developing, & Managing Inside Sales Agents

  • SalesHax was built to quickly scale our client's sales operations, including handling the management of sales recruiting, onboarding, and new hire training.

  • Working with an agency protects your investment in new hires and ensures that training time and expense aren't wasted in the event of termination or resignation.

  • We offer clients access to a pool of skilled agents, agile and ready to train, ramp, and exploit narrow  windows of sales opportunity. 

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We Deliver A Solution That Increases Sales Forecast Accuracy & Improves Team Scalability

  • We refocus teams on the most reliable KPIs, so that sales planning and forecasting are reflective of predictable sales pipelines.


  • We install the market segmentation and scoring necessary to transition sales cultures from a lead focused, "numbers game" to a more accurate ABM model. 

  • Consistent agent productivity and simplified work design make growth planning simple, precise, and easy to manage.

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We Generate Big Wins And Help Sales Executives Plan & Achieve Their Career Goals

  • We put the systems into place that create undeniable gains, producing career milestones and major achievements. 

  • We stop the bleeding and create job security for underperforming managers and agents by installing our proven model into troubled sales environments.

  • We make work fun again, and deliver a sense of control and relief to worried sales executives. 

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