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How SalesHax Helps

CMOs & Marketing VPs

SalesHax Helps Marketers Quantify Marketing's Contribution To Revenue & The Sales Pipeline

  •  We embed marketing-derived, ABM techniques throughout the sales pipeline and secure agreement on the definitions of "lead quality" & "lead qualification".

  • Marketing is involved at later stages of the buying cycle, collaborating with sales on a market-of-one approach to custom content and targeted messaging. 

  • Complex scoring, ABM, and well defined personas create a non-linear qualifying process, offering marketing more opportunities for credit and attribution.

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We Improve Engagement & Elevate The User Experience Throughout The Buyer's Journey

  • Re-engineering the sales process around multiple personas and complex scoring sharpens the  focus on the account, producing more engaging and targeted sales touches.

  • Utilizing an ABM approach, we identify all influencers and corporate stakeholders, and create sales  & mitigation strategies for each persona.

  • Clearly defined buyer's journeys prevent a disconnect in experience, as customers move seamlessly between marketing and sales engagement.

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We Deliver The Data & Intelligence Needed To Design Targeted Marketing Campaigns

  • We utilize proprietary, public, and 3rd party data to thoroughly qualify leads against distinct personas prior to initial contact, streamlining work and reducing irrelevant messaging.

  • We create feedback loops and collaborative channels with sales, so that marketing is able to contribute targeted content, even at later stages in the buying cycle.

  • We deliver a vendor stack of data and intelligence apps that keeps agents up to date and makes data enrichment and hygiene a snap. 

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We Improve Communication & Bring Harmony To The Collaboration Between Sales And Marketing

  • We bring insight to conflict points, such as disputes about lead quality, lead qualification, and lead attribution.

  • We establish a common framework for pipeline management, one which more fully incorporates the marketing perspective by shifting from a lead to an ABM focus. 

  • New synergistic channels enable sales & marketing to collaborate on targeted, market-of-one content and messaging strategies. 

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