A monthly sales solution for growing B2B tech firms




Who are your typical clients?

B2B technical firms, including SaaS, consultants, and solutions providers, with $2M-$20M in annual revenue and sales problems they are unable to fix internally.

Within the B2B tech segment many companies scale very quickly. Businesses growing at a rate of 20% or more for three consecutive years are known as "Scale Up" companies. Our target clients have the potential for accelerated growth, but have fallen short of this measure and can trace the root of the problem to inconsistent sales performance.

We deliver a complete solution to these firms, increasing recurring revenue through improved lead generation, sales data, business development, and account management performance.

What do you do for clients?

We help B2B tech companies increase customers and recurring revenue by building and managing their sales departments.

Our value proposition is that we deliver everything needed for a successful B2B sales department in a monthly solution and at the same price point the typical SaaS company is paying its average sales agent.

We help clients eliminate the waste associated with building internal sales departments, and instead offer them a "buy" option for adding and retaining new customers.

Do you replace my current sales department?

We are able to support your existing team, quickly build you a new team, or replace an entire department.


Why does your monthly solution cost so much?

B2B tech companies often underestimate the time and cost of building a scalable sales department. The average B2B SaaS firm spends about 17.5% on sales and 7.5% on marketing, or 25% of total revenue, yet firms struggling with sales and growth are typically spending less. The SalesHax solution expense is generally 12% of the revenue we produce. This is divided between the 5 functional areas neccessary to bring a scalable B2B sales department online: 1. List Building 2. Lead Nurturing 3. Sales Development 4. Account Management 5. Sales Management For firms under $20M, each area can easily require a minimum monthly spend of $5K-$10K in people and systems. B2B firms without sales planning expertise often make spending mistakes that increase these costs. SalesHax is positioned as an alternative to internal sale agent hires. The average SaaS Sales Executive costs an employer a minimum of $6,500/mo, with no guarantee of success.

We compete for that budget and deliver a solution addressing all 5 functional sales areas, something internal sales agents are unable to provide.

How does your billing work?

SalesHax bills clients in advance of work performed, in two-week increments. Clients can pay by e-check, check, or credit card.

What is your guarantee?

Each monthly package includes a guaranteed number of appointments. If an appointment is missed or cancelled by a prospect, SalesHax will reschedule or replace the appointment at no additional charge.

Sales Agent Hours rollover and don't expire until used.

Sales Strategy Hours are available within 30-days of purchase.

What other fees or expenses are involved?

None. We don't require set-up fees or long-term contracts.


How does your process work?

In a nutshell, we develop your proprietary content into an inbound lead generation campaign. Utilizing our content syndication platform, online analytics, and surge data, we track, segment, score, and nurture leads, determining optimal windows for targeted email and phone campaigns.

Once we have set a qualified appointment, we present, probe, handle objections, negotiate terms, and close your deals.

We manage the account over time, owning responsibility for recurring billing, revenue growth, and annual sales quotas.

We are able to add, remove, or customize program features to fit your current sales environment and needs.

How can you sell for us without knowing our company or offering?

SalesHax and its agents are initially trained on your process, offering, and value proposition during the "ramp-up" phase.

On average, it takes a B2B SaaS Sales Agent 5.3 months to master a new campaign and ramp-up to full productivity.

During ramp-up, SalesHax management will also be trained on your company and offering. This dual training helps shorten the agent’s learning curve, improves future strategic recommendations, and positions the client for faster growth.

How do we get started?

New clients begin by signing a Services Agreement, scheduling a Briefing Session, and paying the initial 2-week invoice.

Before the Briefing Session we'll collect key documents, including the Briefing Document, buyer profile, DNC list, and email permission form.

This process typically takes 1-3 weeks.

How long does it take to see results?

Each monthly plan includes 8 qualified appointments.

In addition, Professional and Enterprise plans include separate Sales Agent Hours.

Our agents have expertise in business development and account management, and clients can use their bundled Sales Agent Hours to prospect, handle presentations during appointments, manage customer service and administrative sales tasks, assist the existing sales team, or own the full sales cycle.

On average, it takes a B2B SaaS Sales Agent 5.3 months to ramp up to full productivity on a new campaign.

What results can I expect?

Each monthly plan includes 8 qualified appointments.

In addition, Professional and Enterprise plans include separate Sales Agent Hours.

Depending on the campaign, clients can expect the following averages for Sales Agent productivity.

Professional Plan

  • Once a sales agent has ramped up, typical B2B clients can expect an average of 12 monthly appointments at the Pro Level.

  • On average, our Sales Agents will have responsibility for an annual sales quota of $350K at the Pro Level.

Enterprise Plan

  • Once a sales agent has ramped up, typical B2B clients can expect an average of 16 monthly appointments at the Enterprise Level.

  • On average, our Sales Agents will have responsibility for an annual sales quota of $700K at the Enterprise Level.

Why the focus on geting clients to $20M in annual revenue?

The primary growth engine for the typical B2B tech firm under $20M is Sales.

For companies over $20M, Sales is often less of a contributor to revenue growth than channel partnerships, acquisitions, financing, and complex marketing.

Here’s why sales process is predictive of success during this early growth phase.

Generally, B2B markets have between 2500-5000 viable prospects. If the Average Selling Price in the B2B tech sector is $28k, a company needs over 700 recurring revenue clients to generate $20M annually, or roughly 15% to 30% of its known market.

From $1M to $20M in revenue, however, deals become increasingly difficult to find and direct competitors become a greater factor.

For many firms, the only hope for overcoming competitive threats and winning business is sales planning and execution.

SalesHax delivers the monthly Sales solution needed to overcome market resistance, add and retain new clients, and scale to $20M.


Why the name SalesHax?

SalesHax combines the terms "sales" and "growth hacking" to indicate a new approach to lead generation and account development.

We combine the technical expertise needed to scale the lead generation function (proprietary data, online analytics, email marketing, content marketing, etc.) with the B2B business development, account management, and sales management best practices needed to improve conversions and increase recurring revenue.

Are your agents domestic?

Yes. All of our sales agents are domestic and all of our business development supply-chain partners have a domestic office.

What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking is an approach to lead generation utilizing inexpensive online techniques, including content marketing, email marketing, and big data analysis, to quickly develop qualified inbound prospects.

Contrast growth hacking with more conventional advertising methods, such as television, radio, direct mail, and cold calling.

What makes you different?

The scope of our solution.

We're part online analytics firm, part inbound lead generation company, part sales management consulting practice, and part outbound call center, all blended into a total solution for our B2B SaaS clients.

We've tailored a sales offering to a technical segment of the marketplace that struggles with sales execution and performance. Our goal is to manage every aspect of our B2B SaaS clients' sales departments, apply best practices throughout all sales processes, and quickly increase recurring revenue.