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How SalesHax Helps

CEOs & Entrepreneurs

SalesHax Builds, Manages, & Affordably Scales Virtual Outbound Sales Teams For B2B Tech Companies

  • Designed for engineering cultures, SalesHax is ideal for strong companies that are exceptional in every area except sales. 

  • Fast implementation means early wins, with a typical ramp-up period of 3 months and break-even point within 6 months.

  • Comprehensive bundles are managed and delivered virtually, employing domestic agents on our platform and supervised by our executive team.

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We Give Smaller Firms Access To A Higher Caliber Of Sales Talent, Across All Roles & Functions

  • Clients benefit from the expertise, bandwidth, tools, and proprietary research of a full-service, ABM sales agency. 

  • Top agents are nationally recruited, drawn by our culture and model, and assigned and promoted based on performance. 

  • Monthly bundles consist of a team of skilled resources, including domestic agents, sales managers, and sales strategists. 


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We Deliver The Best Practices & Sales Apps      Needed To Keep Current In A Dynamic Market

  • We design and implement the ideal customer profiles, buyer personas, journeys, and scoring systems required for account-based marketing success.

  • Monthly plans make it easy for companies to redefine roles, shift tasks, and change workflows without disrupting clients or internal operations.

  • Bundled vendor stacks include CRM, firmographic, lead intelligence, social selling, visitor tracking, marketing automation, & live chat apps.

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We Turn Around Struggling Sales Teams And Save Companies Endangered By Low Performance

  • Our monthly bundles help companies in trouble by installing a proven sales framework in environments suffering from poor performance.

  • We address the systems, tools, and people issues central to scaling, and work across departmental lines to secure input and agreement from all associated stakeholders.

  • We enable companies to right-size spending, improve sales forecast accuracy, and gain traction, regardless of past sales results.

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